Funny questions for a smart interview

Dumb questions for smart interviews

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As a business owner, it's common to wonder about hiring and integrating new people into your team. So, of course, we are aware that hiring is only a small step in the whole process of integrating that rare pearl into the teams but... here are a few ideas of dumb questions to make the interview smart and be both a moment of exchange but also a real opportunity to discover this new person.

When organizing a job interview, it is very common to imagine asking the typical or even "old-fashioned" questions!
You know them well: "What are your three faults?", "Tell me about your last experiences in the position of ..." or "Where do you see yourself in 5 years? These questions are rooted in a dynamic that is not that of a bold and innovative company though. Plus, the candidate will have had time to prepare (hopefully) and with any luck, will put on an incredible display of rote dictation like they learned to do years ago. How do you imagine how your candidate will actually behave in your company? With your clients? Or when faced with destabilizing situations?

By rephrasing the questions, asking more open-ended questions, changing the context, it will be possible to learn a lot more about the candidate's character and whether he or she has all the qualities needed for the job! All the questions presented here were asked during an interview and helped us learn a little more about the candidate's personality!

So... what are these dumb questions for smart interviews?

Question #1: "How many tennis balls can you fit in an A380?" by Crédit Agricole Group

Question 1: How many tennis balls fit into an A380?

One can imagine here that we are in a company which works in logistics or can be in the avionics parts? Not at all, the question was asked during an interview of the Crédit Agricole!

Indeed, the purpose of a question such as this is to identify the candidate's reaction.

What was going through your reader's mind anyway? Did you really think about the capacity of an empty A380 and fill it with bullets? Did you think there must be a lot of them? Did you close your mind to the question - "I have no idea"?

These are exactly the reactions we are looking for when we ask this question. For an engineer, this question will capture the candidate's thinking skills, imagination and creativity. For a technician, we will look at their factual way of thinking and their ability to analyse the data provided to them, for example.

Question connects #2: "Draw me the house of my dreams. " by SFR

Yes, it is the house of the manager, the head of the company, the HR manager who will ask the question and not the candidate's. But why? How could the candidate know the dream house of the person who is interviewing him/her?

By asking this question to the candidate, we will try to better understand his or her ability to analyze the person in front of him or her. If we try to place ourselves in the context of a standard interview, we would ask a question such as "How do you adapt to the target market?

Question 2: Draw me my dream house

If the search is for a salesperson who can analyze the client in a few seconds. A real estate agent who can put himself in the shoes of his interlocutor immediately to identify his need. A coach who can understand a group of people to be trained instantly? This question can provide a lot of very relevant information.

Connector question #3: "If you were a vegetable, which one would you be and why?" by LP Factory

Question 3: If you were a vegetable, which one would you be and why?

A question we love at LP Factory. Why? Simply because the vegetable does not have the most dynamic and glorious connotation - although many chefs play with it, it is not yet ingrained in our habits! What better way to destabilize the candidate and learn more about their personality?

This question can be used when looking for a creative person. When the question is asked, there are many reactions: the applicant laughs, wonders if he or she has understood correctly, sees a completely different aspect of the interview and begins to understand the company's values.

With an answer such as "I see myself as a salad" we can imagine at first that our candidate is rather discreet or even a little "washed" but finally, with his explanation, everything changes! "I would be a salad, because it is discreet but present in all dishes!

Who in a restaurant doesn't see a small piece of well-seasoned arugula? I would also be a salad because there are many forms of it and it comes back to life when you let it soak in a little water, like when I am surrounded by positive energy". How do you go from a rather self-effacing and even negative vision, to a person who imagines herself sneaking into every project, being reborn with a littleenergy from the team and adapting to her environment?

Connector Question #4: "Why aren't you cut out for this job?" at LP Factory

Let's take the tale of those two questions we all know: "Why would you be the best candidate for this job?" and "What are your flaws?". While these questions are very relevant to a job interview, they will often lead you to preconceived answers. You know the ones, "I'm too much of a perfectionist!" or "I'm good because I outsold the entire team by two cars last month.

Question 4: Why are you not suited for this position?

The candidate will find himself destabilized by the question: how to formulate in a few seconds an answer that will allow him to be the best candidate while highlighting the things he needs to work on? By asking a question of this type, two things happen.

On the one hand, the human brain does not like negation, turning a sentence into a negative will require much more work [ attention! in communication, we avoid any sentence with ne-pas! ], what better way than to destabilize the candidate and see his reaction? On the other hand, we will try to really identify the candidate's faults! No half measures. By just changing the wording of the question, even the prepared candidate may be surprised and respond instinctively.

Connector question #5: "Tell us about a person who inspires you" at Louis Vuitton

Question 5: Tell us about a person who inspires you

"My mom", the first universal answer to this question! Without positioning ourselves on a great analysis of Freud with the candidates... This question allows us to identify many factors on the personality of the applicant. Is he going to position himself in his entourage? Towards an outside person? And who will this person be?

By asking this question, it will be possible to identify factors such as: the candidate'sambition , his or her ability to think and plan, and his or her interests in life. It is also an opportunity to discover new personalities and new worlds for the interviewer.

Stupid questions for smart interviews!?

Multiple dumb questions exist to turn your interviews into smart interviews: "How many pens did you steal from your last employer?", "What would you do with €200,000?", "If you gave up any need for study or money, what would you do for a living?", "How do you explain nuclear fusion to your great grandmother?"... Only our own limits could block our imagination to define these next questions. Let's turn interviews into moments of exchange, sharing and real discovery 😉

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