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Let's work together towards your success

About the LP Factory logo

About our image

The Octopus symbolizes all the values we want to advertize with LP Factory.

The octopus is a symbol of force, ofintelligence,of reassesment.
It is also capable oflearning,regenerating and it builds unique relationships with his entourage.



To find out more about LP Factory's links with octopuses :








Target and Mission

Our Mission Statement

Turning your concepts into reality
and taking your organisations further
through relationships based on shared values

Telescope and Vision

Our vision

We want to contribute to the development of new technologies in accordance with the balance of the planet and in line with human values such as respect, benevolence and sharing.

Our values


Be present for you, put us at your disposal and answer your questions quickly.


Learning, challenging, questioning in order to move forward and live.


Always inspire trust and honour confidence in the handling of your information


Adapt, improvise or imagine new solutions according to your needs. Flexibility on time, on ideas


To take into account the current issues surrounding the environment and the well-being of our planet


Create long-term relationships based on human, intelligent and win-win exchanges

Our commitments

Franco-Responsible Solutions

About us

We favour all responsible, committed and French solutions.

French answers and support

About us

We will answer your needs (creations, follow-up...) from our offices based in Reims.

In accordance with the legislation in force

About us

We take into account the latest legislation, and the rules in force.