Financial Aid
Let's work together towards your success!
Financial Aid
Let's work together towards your success

The aids

Every day you hear about social networks, websites and digital transformation. This does not mean that these changes are free or easy to implement. At LP Factory we have referenced public financial aid - in the Grand Est, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Haut-de-France and Ile-de-France - that can help you finance your business development and digital actions.

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LP Factory is able to offer you some of these aids as
Labelled Grand Est Transformation Digitale
Individual course

Financial Aid - National

France Num (Relaunch)

To help with digitization, the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery has set up a €500 grant.

It will cover expenses:

✔️ accompanying digitization
✔️ purchase or subscription to digital solutions

at LP Factory, referenced by theASP and France NUM.


→ Legal entity under private law or natural person resident in France for tax purposes
→ Number of employees <11
→ Company created before 30/10/2020 and banned from receiving the public or carrying out their main activity in the hotel and similar accommodation sector
→ Registered in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) or in the Trade Register

Financial Aid - Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

My online business

In order to help professionals and traders, the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region has set up financial aid to develop their presence on the Internet. The goal is to gain visibility and boost sales on the web. 

Who is eligible for assistance?

✔️ Craftsmen and shopkeepers, with or without a sales outlet, sedentary or not, selling products/services on a daily or frequent basis to individuals;
✔️ Farmers, breeders and winegrowers selling to individuals;
✔️ Having their head office in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region
✔️ Number of employees <10

What expenses are covered by this aid?

  • Investment expenses: development, optimization, realization and/or acquisition of a website; 
  • Operating expenses: strategy of presence on social networks, purchase of domain name...
Expenses up to €500

100% coverage

Expenditure over 500

50% of the part above 500€ is covered

Financial Aid - Grand Est

Grand Est Digital Transformation

Who is eligible for assistance?

✔️ Companies domiciled in the Grand Est;
✔️ Exerting a market activity mostly;
✔️ Number of employees <20

What are the accompanying components?

  • Component 1: A digital maturity diagnosis which aims to produce a short, medium and long term progress plan; 
  • Part 2 : a personalized support via a "Digital Transformation Cheque" which will include:
    • support for the deployment of digital technology via service providers certified by the Region;
    • assistance with theacquisition of digital solutions that aims to make the integration of digital in the company operational.

Financial Aid - Haut de France

Exceptional support for the development of e-commerce

The aim of this plan is to support local economic players, craftsmen, shopkeepers and social economy companies.
Thanks to this financial aid, the Haut-de-France region wishes to support companies in the development of their presence on the Internet, particularly via an e-commerce site.

Financial Aid - Haut de France

Digital Cheques

What is "Les chèques numériques"?

This is a cheque to support craftsmen and traders in their digital transition

Who is this aid for?

This aid is intended for businesses and professionals who meet these conditions:
☞ Local traders and craftsmen, whether sedentary or not, including art craftsmen (excluding franchises)
☞ With their establishment in the Ile-de-France region
☞ With a workforce of less than 20 people (including no employees)
☞ Registered in the trade register and/or the register of trades

For which projects?

This aid is intended to finance expenses:
- Either operating expenses: training, accommodation...
- Or investment expenses: development/acquisition of site...

Expenses up to 3 000€.

50% of the cost is covered