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We intervene on the creation or restructuring of your companies or on the launch of your projects. We can also take part in a plan to accelerate your company's commercial or communication strategies.

We put at your disposal our competences in : strategy, file preparation (grants, financial aid, projects...), work on your company's culture, definition of Values/Mission/Vision, creation of a Business Model [...].

Working with LP Factory on your business project means taking a step back, carrying out in-depth actions, and looking at the long term.



By thinking about your development axes, your needs and your challenges to define the best strategy to reach your goals.



By creating together all the supports, solutions and action plans that will allow the implementation of your strategy.



By being Agile and working directly with feedback to take your project to its peak.



By defining the appropriate training for the teams we will lead the team to an optimization of the capacities.



By highlighting your work in order to promote it in the eyes of your future customers, suppliers and your teams.


More details

We will work together to understand your needs, desires and goals. We will thus be able to determine the studies to be carried out (competitive, legal...), the analyses to be taken into account and theaction plans to be defined.

A report on the work carried out is provided at the end of this stage.

The work done on the Strategy will have enabled us to define the necessary creations. We will thus be able to carry out the action plans, the planning but also to consider the creations or the integrations which will have to be carried out to carry out the project.

During this stage we will be able to:
- define the action plans with the dates of realisation;
- create and integrate the tools defined in the strategy;
- etc.

By questioning decisions and decision-making throughout the project, we will limit risk and optimize project implementation costs and time. We will therefore put in place testing and validation systems to ensure maximum project success.

Training will be considered to support the development of the project and the team. Any tool integrated into the company must be understood by the team members in order to maximize its use and its contribution to the company.

Depending on the type of project, we can envisage different strategies for enhancing the value of your products and solutions through digital or printed communication or any other innovative technique.