Let's work together towards your success!
Web Design
Let's work together towards your success
Digital Strategy

Your plans?

As part of your development, you want to use online tools and solutions to make yourself known.

We are specialized in understanding your project: we can estimate your needs, propose adapted solutions, offer you a complete action plan or train you for complete autonomy.

We put at your disposal our competences in : strategyCommunity Management, Web Design, Training [...]

Working with LP Factory on your digital strategy means: putting in place a customized strategy, carrying out your actions at the right time, determining your goals in the short, medium and long term.

Community Management

Creation and management of your image on social networks


Creation of custom websites and management of your sites according to your needs


Training in social networks management and web design



By thinking about your development axes, your needs and your challenges to define the best digital strategy to implement



By carrying out together all the supports, the schedules which will allow the implementation of your strategy



By working on techniques over the long term with regular publications: social networks management, blogs...



By accompanying your understanding of the tools with training for your autonomy



By imagining the best advertising strategy to promote your products and solutions online


More details

We will work together to understand your needs, desires and goals. We will thus be able to determine the studies to be carried out (competitive, legal...), the analyses to be taken into account, the action plans to be defined but above all the supports to be used (Newsletter, Blog, Website, eBoutique...).

A report on the work carried out is provided at the end of this stage.

The work done on the Strategy will have enabled us to define the necessary creations. We will thus be able to carry out the action plans, the planning but also to envisage the creations which will have to be carried out to carry out the project.

During this stage we will be able to:
- define the action plans with the dates of realisation;
- create the first supports and templates corresponding to the strategy;
- etc.

Iterations are actions carried out regularly for your online presence:

- Posts on social networks;
- Newsletter sending and follow-up;
- Blog updates;
- etc.

The training courses allow you to master all the media we use to provide you with greater autonomy in the management of your media.

Depending on your projects, we consider different advertising strategies. It can be entirely dematerialized or not, on social networks, directly on Google but will be fully adapted to your business and your specific needs.

Why us?


To draw the site that suits you

We spend the time it takes to listen to you, determine your needs and analyze your company, all to create a site that reflects your image.

For a scalable site

Our sites are all designed to evolve easily and integrate your future ideas and developments.



For a site that is easy to use

We create our sites so that you can take control of them: texts, images and information can be updated easily.

[We provide you with a guide to help you!]

For our reactivity

We are at your disposal and our efficiency is also a factor in our customers' satisfaction!