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Do you want to develop your company, make your teams grow, gain efficiency on certain tasks or comply with current legislation?

LP Factory can help you transform your company into a digital company. We can work with you to understand your needs, find the existing digital solutions that would suit you or create custom solutions for your company. We can work with you to help you integrate into your teams and train all of your company's users.

Working with LP Factory on your digital project means: propelling your company, accompanying change in your company, establishing a long-term strategy.



By understanding your company's daily and long-term issues



By creating the digital tools and solutions that fit your business specifically



By being Agile and testing the chosen solutions to select only the best tools



By training the teams in the use of each tool and accompanying them in their use for a smooth start.


More details

We will work together to understand your needs, desires and goals. We will study existing solutions and those that should be developed for your company.

A report on the work carried out is provided at the end of this stage.

The work done on the Strategy will have enabled us to define the necessary creations. We will therefore be able to develop the systems adapted to your needs and your teams.

We will work with your teams to choose the final tools according to tests, specifications made together, and factors defined beforehand. We can propose workshops around the tools, integration weeks or selected actions for quick and consistent feedback.

The training sessions will enable all team members to become familiar with the use of the selected tools but also to accompany the change in your company so that everyone can feel confident.